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POP UP event at salon

One-day collaboration event!

Plant shop "ROOTED" 🌿

Haircare brand "Milbon"🧴

SHUN SAKURAI hair&beauty✂︎︎

The collaboration of the three companies will be held on 5th June SUN.

For every new Milbon product purchased, another bottle will be given away🎁

🧴Cronna Sparkling Essence

🧴Cronna Fresh Sherbet Shower

These popular products prevent hair from aging due to the heat.

A must-have item for hot Singapore ✨

ROOTED plants are carefully selected and stylish 🌿

Limited prices will be available on the day ✨

One day event only, don't miss it 😊

🌿6th June SUN. 10:00〜16:00

🌿@SHUN SAKURAI hair & beauty


Plant shop ”ROOTED”🌿

Haircare brand ”Milbon”🧴

SHUN SAKURAI hair&beauty✂︎


6月5日(日) に当サロンで行われます。


🧴Cronna Sparkling Essence

🧴Cronna Fresh Sherbet Shower






🌿6月5日(日) 10:00〜16:00

🌿@SHUN SAKURAI hair & beauty

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Matt Damon
Matt Damon
14 sept 2022

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