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​About us

“Connecting the world through enriching encounters.”

Since the founding, we have set our management principal as “Connecting the world through enriching encounters.”

Our primary goal was to connect “people with people” and “people with products”; in addition to, creating a joy through beauty cultures that go beyond generation, age, and borders.

​In 2017, we embarked on our first project and opened ”Shun Sakurai” in Singapore Chijmes. 

Aspiring for a company that provides world class hospitality and excellent staff quality, 

our plan is to be a growing company by ensuring adequate reflection of our management principal to our future salons in overseas and covering the demand in all over Asia.



2017年、シンガポール・Chijmesに初出店となる“Shun Sakurai”をオープンし、第一歩を踏み出しました。 




​Salon Concept

A lifestyle concept salon that enriches your heart and body through your Five Senses.


 Undaunted by the ever-changing needs of the society, we aim to constantly infuse new ideas and technology to create and shape a culture that is aligned to the company’s mission. 




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