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Hair Salon at Tanglin Mall - Professional Hairdresser & Haircuts | Shun Sakurai

Welcome to Shun Sakurai, nestled within the bustling corridors of Tanglin Mall, where sophistication meets style. Our studio prides itself on delivering professionalism through the skilled hands of our experienced hairdressers. Whether you're seeking a transformative haircut or simply a refreshing style, our team is dedicated to providing you with an exceptional grooming experience. Join us and discover why we are the go-to destination for discerning patrons in search of top-tier hairdressing services.

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Discover Our Hair Salon at Tanglin Mall: Trimmings, Styles, and Care

Nestled in the bustling heart of Tanglin, at the renowned Tanglin Mall,  Shun Sakurai stands as a beacon of personal care and wellness. Clients seeking a transformative hair experience will find that our hair salon is not just a cut above the rest but also a place where artistry and care conspire to redefine personal grooming. Our skilled hairdressers are masters at crafting the perfect haircut, tailored to each individual's unique style and preferences. Whether it's a classic trimmings salon look or an adventurous curly haircut, our stylists are equipped with the finesse and expertise to handle it all.

As one journeys through the well-appointed quarters of  Shun Sakurai, it becomes clear that the salon hair experience we offer isn't just about getting a great haircut. It's about indulging in an atmosphere of complete personal care that caters to your every hair need. From hair extensions that provide volume and length to advanced treatments like Olaplex treatment and Kerastase treatment, we ensure that your hair receives the nourishment it deserves.

The hair stylists at our hair salon within Tanglin Mall are not only passionate about hairdressing; they're also dedicated to providing an unparalleled experience for each client. Hera Salon, and those akin, are known for their excellence, we at  Shun Sakurai emulate that prestige through our meticulous attention to detail and fervor for greatness in hair and personal care. Whether you’re strolling through Orchard Singapore or a resident looking for a personal touch, our salon's doors are always open for you to immerse in the care our hairdressers bestow.

Ambiance and skill converge at  Shun Sakurai where every haircut is a gesture of our commitment to your image and confidence. We understand the importance of finding a salon you trust, where a hairdresser knows more than just your hair—they know you. This is why each visit to our Tanglin Mall salon feels familiar yet new, a homecoming to a place where you are the center of attention. From the scent of fresh haircare products to the sound of shears expertly shaping tresses, every element of  Shun Sakurai transcends the ordinary, making us one of the eminent hair salons in the vicinity of Tanglin, Orchard Singapore.

Book Your Next Appointment at Tanglin's Premier Barber Shop & Salon: Reviews & Services

When it's time to redefine your style or maintain your current look, you should consider booking your next appointment at Tanglin's premier barber shop and salon located conveniently within Tanglin Mall. At  Shun Sakurai, our team of professional hairdressers and stylists goes above and beyond to ensure every haircut and treatment is tailored to your unique preferences and needs. From managing voluminous, curly hair to providing the quintessential manicure and pedicure for complete pampering, our commitment to quality is evident in every service we provide.

If you're in Singapore and wondering about 'hair salon near me', look no further. Nestled in the heart of Tanglin, within the bustling Orchard district, our salon offers a serene escape from daily stress. Noteworthy for its exceptional parking facilities, Tanglin Mall makes it convenient to access our top-notch services without the hassle of finding a spot. Plus, all prices are inclusive of GST, ensuring there are no hidden charges to surprise you after a relaxing treatment session.

Clients highly recommend our salon for its comprehensive range of services that encompasses everything from hair care to beauty treatments. Whether it's a simple trim or a complete hair transformation,  Shun Sakurai ensures your experience is nothing short of miraculous. Getting a gel manicure or a soothing pedicure in the same trip as your haircuts, saves you time and streamlines your beauty routine.

We understand how precious your time is, that's why we've made it super simple to book your appointment. Just a click away, you can secure a slot that fits perfectly into your schedule. And we haven't forgotten about the gents either; our barber shop services are crafted to create both modern and classic styles that cater to every gentleman's taste. Hera, our esteemed hairdresser, is known for her skillful hands and attention to detail, ensuring every client leaves looking and feeling their absolute best.

Pamper yourself with our enchanting experience and discover why  Shun Sakurai stands out as the go-to destination for those seeking exemplary hair and beauty services in Singapore. Parking concerns at bay, services aplenty, and an inclusive environment, we ensure your visit will be thoroughly enjoyable. Don't just take our word for it; the reviews sing praises—see for yourself why we are a cut above the rest in Tanglin Mall's vibrant community.

In conclusion, for those seeking a transformative hair experience,  Shun Sakurai at Tanglin Mall stands as a beacon of style and professionalism. With a team of expert hairdressers dedicated to crafting the perfect haircut tailored to your individuality, your visit is more than just a mere appointment—it's a step towards the pinnacle of your personal aesthetic. Entrust your tresses to the adept hands at  Shun Sakurai and emerge with a renewed sense of confidence and elegance. Experience the fine art of hairdressing where excellence and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of the Shun Sakurai brand.

  • Where is Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty located?
    Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty is located near the heart of Orchard Road, Singapore, which is known for being a prime shopping and entertainment district.
  • What types of services does Shun Sakurai offer?
    Shun Sakurai specializes in a wide range of hair services that include transformative haircuts, bespoke hair treatments, voluminous perms, sleek rebonding sessions, vibrant color changes, and other premium hair services.
  • What makes Shun Sakurai stand out among other Japanese salons in Singapore?
    Shun Sakurai is distinguished by its meticulous attention to detail, fusion of traditional Japanese techniques with contemporary styles, and the experienced professionals who are trained under Shun Sakurai himself. The salon offers a serene environment, personalized attention, and utilizes premium products while providing value in its pricing.
  • How can I book an appointment with Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty?
    Bookings for Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty can be made through the salon's seamless reservation system. You're encouraged to schedule your appointment in advance to experience the Japanese hair expertise offered by the salon.
  • Does Shun Sakurai cater to the latest hair trends and personal styling needs?
    Yes, the stylists at Shun Sakurai are proficient in both traditional Japanese beauty standards and the latest fashion trends from Tokyo, ensuring that your hairstyle or color service not only complements your features but also aligns with the contemporary looks.
  • What experience can I expect during my visit to Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty?
    Upon visiting Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty, you can expect a premium salon experience that begins with a detailed consultation to understand your hair qualities and lifestyle. This is followed by expertly delivered services in a tranquil setting that combines Japan's beauty traditions with the latest hair care techniques, ensuring an authentic Japanese salon experience.
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